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Albenza is anthelmintic remedy with a broad spectrum action. It causes irreversible glucose utilization's disturbance in the body and inhibits helminth ATP synthesis. Anthelmintic Albenza's action is based on the interference in parasite's energy metabolism, which leads to a reduction in glycogen and parasites death from exhaustion. Albenza prevents protein synthesis to some parasites.

Indications for use:
Albenza is used for ascariasis, trichocephalosis, Hookworm, Enterobiasis, strongyloidiasis and other nematodes.
• dochmiasis • Hookworm • Ascariasis • Necatoriasis • Strongyloidiasis • trichocephalosis • Enterobiasis

Dosing regimen:
Albenza is taken perorally after a meal, pill is not chewed, but is drunk with water. The daily dose - 0.4 g ( 2 tablets per dose). The daily dose for children - 6 mg per 1 kg of body weight. After Albenza' receiving use of laxatives and special diet is not required. For ascariasis, trichocephalosis and Hookworm is prescribed to 0.4 g in a single dose, at once. In case of Enterobiasis is appointed 0.4 g once a day. Albenza repeat reception at the same dose after 14 days. In case of strongyloidiasis is appointed 0.4 g once. Treatment lasts for 3 days (at the rate - 1.2 g). Treatment of tissue helminthiasis (trichinosis, echinococcosis, cysticercosis) is performed in a hospital, in accordance with individually appointed by doctor regimen.